Major update for fixes

Honestly feel like this suggestion should’ve been made while ago, but a major update for fixing bugs, glitches, and problems would be nice. I know this would probably put a stop on your plans to continue adding stuff into Tower Unite, but it feels like your adding new stuff without fixing the old. Multiple bugs that were fixed in the past also are now resurfacing, lighting has been messed up, and condos crash for random reasons. So please, just make a major update for bug fixing, the Tower Unite community would be grateful if you did.

once Accelerate is out I’d be so much happier with a quality of life update over a new gameworld or feature


We just had Nightyard update which was a bug fix focused update with around 80 bug fixes. That entire update was focused on fixing bugs for the entire game without adding any new major content. The new map was only added to it because our level designers finished it just in time for the bug update (hence the added name Nightshift, as many of us were working through the night on bugs).

We are working on bugs behind the scenes right now and more fixes are soon due to come out with an update.

We also just started reorganizing the way people report bugs for maps here: [Map Bugs Megathread] Links to all maps where you can report bugs
This new report system has already helped determine and fix several bugs that previously got lost in the mix.

We have an internal bug tracker that I’d love to expose to the public, but it doesn’t have an option for it. We have looked into other public bug trackers but they’ve all been tedious to work with or expensive.

We are currently preparing an alpha release of Accelerate.