Main Menu Redesign Concept (Long Thread Warning)

Given that that is months (if not years) away, I do think it is off-topic.

They have a ton of stuff they have prioritized above that. This menu was specifically designed for part of that–the mutations that will be coming out. Asking them to keep justifying everything that they’ve done and nitpicking at them for something that is not going to happen is off-topic. You have not seen what it leads to, that’s why you’re impatient. But it’s not fair to everyone else for the select few that want the devs to stop everything that they’re doing to address something that doesn’t need to be addressed because it’s part of a larger package. You guys designing, redesigning, and nitpicking at something that is not complete is basically a deposition of the game itself–because nothing in it is finished. Asking the rest of us to give up the devs’ time to do that so that they can juts get on with it is asinine.

if this should get moved to off topic just because it’s not the devs’ main focus, you might as well also move suggestions about the casino, game world maps, etc. there too, as those aren’t high on the list of priorities. Even then, suggestions can probably even be more useful for things the devs aren’t focusing on than ones they’re actively focusing on, so that when they start to work on something again, they have more ideas as to how they could improve or add on to it.

Nobody’s impatient or begging for the developers to change the main menu immediately, everyone I’ve seen in the thread has just given their input as to how they feel it could be improved. You should be able to give critique on a part of the game that isnt done yet, as something that isnt done can likely be improved in many ways. Besides, no part of the game is “complete” yet, so if you disallow suggestions for the menu because it’s incomplete, then it would be hypocritical to allow suggestions for anything else.

Anyway, this is the last time I’m going to post a giant essay here because I dont really want to get in a giant argument. I’ve been in more than enough of those for a lifetime.


As rrmm said, literally not a single one of us has asked for this to happen any time soon, nor have we tried to force the devs to do it. It’s simply a suggestion of something we’d like to see happen sometime. If you haven’t noticed, there’s an entire section on this forum dedicated to that very concept and the devs frequently look at it and have added a lot of things from that section. Also, you just completely contradicted yourself by saying that “nothing is finished”. Yeah, that’s the whole point of Tower Unite being in Early Access. To get community feedback during the development process. To quote the devs from the Early Access notes on Steam:

We want to ensure our community is part of our development throughout the process. Our game is unique due to it’s diverse, varying gameplay. We want to expand the game based on feedback in ways that we could never imagine on our own.

That’s exactly what the point of this thread (and countless others on this forum) is. Feedback. You seriously need to chill.

Hey all, if you want this thread to stay open, please keep it focused on suggesting redesigns or tweaks to the current menu in Tower Unite. If you want to share concepts you like, it should really only be in the context of thinking about if that style might work for Tower, and, if not for that purpose, it’d be better to make a different thread to discuss that interest.

It’s absolutely okay to make suggestions and propose ideas for how to improve the menu, so long as you continue to do so respectfully. As Mac has said, the main menu is not currently a priority and we are happy with the current menu, but there is no reason people can’t propose other ideas. There isn’t any need to argue about this, and we do really appreciate hearing feedback.


Thank you. Now that that’s been cleared up, maybe we can get back on topic now.