Mack's Building Tips

I have made this post because I feel that building has become a big part of this game, so I would like to share some of my personal tips and what I have found, while also maybe getting you guys to share some tips too. When I try to look for some cool examples and tips, it can be hard to find anything without having to read through pages and pages of comments, sohopefully this can help out some new builders :smile:

How To make a great looking floor

For a nice black wood finish use ‘Long Modern Coffee Tables’ as a floor. They work well on flat ground but can be hard to keep flat if you are placing them on buidable panels.

They only cost 800 Units each and because of the size, you don’t need many.

Another method for a similar, but more shiny look, is by using ‘TV Mounts’.

This method is great for getting a smooth surface becuase you are not putting them onto the floor, but instead you are attatching them to each other, getting a flat surface anywhere. This method is very expencive.

You can also use big speakers as a way to get a brighter style of wood.

Becuase the texture is basically tileable, You can create a great looking floor without having to buy so many tables or stands.

Unfortunatly, becuase the speakers are so large, you are restricted to specific shapes. Also unlike the other methods, the texture, when placed differently with show up a lot more. These are 3000 units a piece so this is also quite an expencive method.
These methods allow you to create a good floor with actualy reflections and textures without having invest in a bunch of canvases.

There Will Be More To Come


There was a megathread for condo tips which I think we should revive, but thanks for these tips nevertheless!
I knew about the long modern coffee tables one, and I’ve been planning to use it for something…

How do you get items like that to lay face down on the ground?

Also, I have been trying to work on a penthouse in the sky, on top of the rock canyon and I cannot for the life of me get tiles to line up perfectly flat. Regardless if I use manual or grid snap and hit the reset button, my floors have a slight angle downward on one side and that throws everything off. What am I doing wrong?!

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You can create an upright frame out of building walls to make a square where you want the speakers to be, then place your speakers down on the sides of the frame, and finally remove the frame.

I guess that’s just rotations being broken. Try pressing R to reset the rotation, but that sometimes doesn’t fix it.

To get something on its side you just get an object that has a flat side that which makes a perfect 90 degree angle of the flat object and the floor, then just place the object you want facing down on the side of the object. I’ll take some pictures at it is a frequent question I get asked.


My Motherbase floor has very uneven rotations and I am questioning how im ever going to fix that. My floor has to be even, otherwise the buildings on top of it are gonna be really ugly.

I swear, I never had this issue when i was working on my mini-yacht.

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Yeah no I’ve done that plenty and they still don’t level out properly. This is why I wish the game utilized building mechanics similar to Rust. Although maybe that’s a bit too easy mode.

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If you are getting something like this, I do this and it usually sorts it out:

  1. Move the piece onto the side.

Then grab it again and press R and let go.

Now try placing it back to its original place.

Im not 100% how it works but even if I try R on the floor for example or another object it still messes up. Maybe it somehow works because its the same object, making it line up specifically to the object. Who knows.
Ps. I’m not a fan of using the grid snap as it never really works for me. :smiley:


Here i place a big speaker.

Then all you do is place another one on it and make sure it’s facing down.

Now, you can use the building tiles, but they have borders around them that can become confusing as they aren’t very visible when in the placing mode, so using something flat like a speaker or a TV stand would be the best tool for the job because it’s very flat.

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I didn’t even know about that one, I just want to help :smiley: I will be posting more ideas that I have come up with and used.

Something I found the other day.
The underside of the dance floor is a solid colour.
Now I know thisis something small but its actually really good if you want to make a some sort of sign.




This could be incorporated into anything you want to flash. Downsides is the dance floor is pretty big.


That’s exactly what I’m seeing, where one side is slightly lower than the other. I will give that method a shot tonight. Thanks!

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Your thread is not bad or unnecessary, you just reminded me of that thread which I feel like died an unrightful death.

XD lol

So I tried that method. It definitely helped alot! There is minimal to no imbalance now, however I noticed that when placed several in a row, they kind of have a slight downward slope. Better, but still annoying. Why must this be so complicated? :grimacing: