Macdguys birthday party


Since it’s Macdguys birthday the catsacks decided to throw him a birthday party, sadly no one other than the catsacks are allowed to join so we can’t go there.

So instead we managed to “convince” a catsack to unknowingly take pictures of the entire party for us.

And we’re here, the party is in full swing and everyone seems to be having fun



And hanging out

They even have a band playing, the famous Milkstreet Bois

And more catsacks are arriving by the minute

Catsacks are also delivering presents to altar of one they are celebrating

The catsacks are playing basket ball in the garden area

And drinking beer, obviously

Things are also pretty wild out by the beach area

“You know, in a hundred years us catsacks will be dead and forgotten.”
“Nobody likes you ted.”

What is going on that is so interesting?

Oh… well that catsack is drowning, maybe someone should throw a life ring?

Well he’s definetly dead now

And there is the surfing cat we saw earlier

Back inside the party is still in full swing

Maybe a bit too much

The catsacks seem to be watching something that has their full attention.

Not surprising

The catsacks are playing musical chairs, and what are they using as the song?

Swedish death metal?.. huh…

Down in the kitchen they are cooking up a storm

Down the stairs by the kitchen

There’s alot of noise outside again, what is it this time.

They got a ship with catsacks sailing by

And they are about to sail into a giant rock

They’ll be fine.

Staring contest of the century

All in all id say this party seemed like a rousing success

Creator's Note

The idea and decoration of the condo was made one year ago at the day of macdguys birthday, but due to not being able to finish in time i decided to hold the place in cold storage and keep building on it every now and then till the next time it was his birthday.
So have a blast from the past.


Now we just need Macdguy to notice


this post just keeps on going
results: i thought ‘its still going’ 5 times in total


It actually does, during the building of the condo i decided to make a recreation of how i managed to capture the catsack that took the pictures.