Luxury shop

Add a store selling randomized, extremely overpriced items.
So people with millions of Units can spend their dosh on something else than a condo full of shrines


While I agree that higher priced items need to be added to the game as you will most likely burn through all the popular items within a couple weeks of playing and get bored making a separate store is not the way to introduce it.

Its a bad idea because; It adds confusion to the item range and limits the range of other shops. Imagine seeing a bed in someone’s condo, go to Sweet Suite to search for it only to realise its in the luxury shop. Hats belong in Tower Outfitters, Pets in the Toy Store. Not to mention the store only concerns wealthy users leading to it becoming very unpopular with the majority of the games users.

Gotta agree with Vulture here. While expensive luxury items should be there, they shouldn’t have their own shop and should be in their respective shops depending on what the items are.

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mmm perhaps it could done in animal crossing esque way where once you reach a certain criteria a new secret shop opens that sells ball bustingly expensive suff that rotates based on holidays, seasons, randomness etc.

That makes it even more exclusive

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id like that
everyone would talk about the secret shops and newbies would get confused tho