Lower WoM Max Bet

The recent change to Wheel of Money with the shared jackpot was good, but the max bet I think should be lowered to 3 instead of 5. This would lower the shared credit count input from 70 to 42 each spin if all of the seats are full. 30 million is kind of a ridiculous jackpot based on past ones, and this accumulated over just a few days since the fishing update came out

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I’ve only seen a machine hit a 2M jackpot once ever and only a small handful of machines at 1M+, if these insane jackpots become a regular thing I could actually see this being good. However, instead of lowering the max bet it’d probably just make the 5 credit bet insert 3 into the jackpot, kind of like how it used to (except it was 5 in -> 2 jackpot, iirc)

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This is already planned.


i disagree.

it already happened

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ohh damn :(( feels so slow now