Lower quality lighting and workshop models with plain lighting

Hi! So it’s been a few months since I last played Tower Unite and I went into my Condo to find the lighting completely changed for the worst. I checked my graphics settings and they were all maxed out. I had some old pictures of my condo which I used to compare the old lighting with the current one, it seems a lot of workshop models are lighted in a very, very weird way now for some reason (Possibly due to migration to the new engine?).
Here are some comparison photos:
*Do note some of the old photos have some editing, however it’s not major

Old BAR:


It overall seems more washed out, and the floor is no longer reflective



The light doesn’t seem to correctly reflect off the statue workshop model. and the water isn’t reflecting any light at all. The palm trees also seem to lack color, but mainly the statue workshop model. I’ve always however had the problem with the neon tubes, but they seem to be flickering on and off the “good” tube lighting more often now.


*Do note that the light coming from the signs was actually edited in, and was never part of those models.

Again, the same statue model seems to be really weirdly shaded, as if the lights didn’t affect it. Same with the magazine rack workshop model, the lights arne’t reflecting off it.

It seems the lighting on workshop models especially isn’t working correctly, and some effects were taken out (Like the reflective floor). The more washed out colors seem to be due to the entire condo having more white envoiroment light, since I remember a while ago the lowest amount of light possible as envoiroment in a condo was nerfed (I really wish we could have a darker night like before, my entire condo was based on artificial lighting).

Not sure if this is a “bug” per se, but it seems like it (Especially the weird workshop lighting), so I thought it was worth putting here.

Anyways, that’s all, and thanks a lot!


Most of the before photos look color corrected, you can even see a vignette and edge blur on the first one.
Workshop furniture lighting is still broken though, that’s just a bug.

Yes the before photos are edited, I don’t think I have the originals sadly. However I did remember that they changed how dark the darkest night was which is why some before photos look a bit darker.
But yeah this is mainly because workshop stuff is shaded really plainly, and some floors are lacking reflectiveness for some reason.