Lower Island's par

With a par of 82, that’s even higher than Kingdom and Forest. Already, that’s not good…

Hole 1 is fine, since the hole is atop a slope, which isn’t difficult to pass and come back down. :roll_eyes:

Hole 2 is a par 5, which should probably be a par 4, but I’m not too fussed at it staying as it is.

Hole 3 is another par 5, which should definitely be lowered. If you play it safe, an eagle is ridiculously easy to get. Even if you overshoot and roll back to the start, you can STILL get a par.

Hole 4 is a pretty easy HIO hole, but will probably be a 3 if you miss the first shot

Hole 5 is possibly the easiest albatross in the game. Definitely should be lowered if you wanna call the albatross ‘elusive’.


Hole 6 is another par 5 - Which could be a par 4, but it’s one of the more annoying holes, so I’m indifferent to this one

Hole 7 is another ridiculously easy albatross. It will likely be achieved unless you royally screw up the first shot.

Hole 8 is another HIO hole, which will usually be a birdie or par if you overshoot.

Hole 9 is yet again, another easy albatross, or maybe even a condor. Unless you shoot into the water, you can expect to get eagle or better on this hole.

Hole 10 is another par 5 which you can easily get an eagle on. I’d suggest lowering the par by 1 since the curve for the first shot guides the ball up the slope.

Hole 11 is the epitome of hell. Despite this though, it does feel that the par is a little too high.
This par 6 makes me wonder if you recommended us to get OOB before finishing the hole :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hole 12 is another rough hole that makes me question whether or not it was a mistake calling this an ‘easy’ map. I would say make this a par 4 instead of 5, but I wouldn’t care if it stayed the same.

Hole 13 should be a par 3, but right now it’s suitable because I Keep. Getting. Stopped. Next. To. The. Hole.

Hole 14 is a spiral hole, which will likely be a 4 (Par) if the worse possible outcome occurred from the first shot.

Hole 15 is another OOB hazard hole. I could make a case that it should be a par 4, but this hole can be too mean.

Hole 16 through 18 are fine, but plinko kinda sucks sometimes.
I hate this game :unamused:

There are a couple holes on some other courses that make me think whether the par for it was the right choice, but they’re all very minor, whereas for Island, the overly high pars are throughout the course.

Feel free to shout at me for saying the holes are too easy; I don’t know your experience on the course, but I can’t help but feel that the par for this course is way too high.