[Low FPS] RTX 3090 + I9 9900k

Hey Guys and Gals,

I have been playing tower unite since release when GMod Tower got shutdown, I’ve been consistently been having FPS problems thru many sets of different high end hardware, I only get about 58 FPS max no matter Ultra or low settings and I get dips down to like 27 FPS pretty consistently in the arcade and plaza. Is there any way to fix this? I don’t have vsync on or anything either. Thank you for the help if you can give any.

Just to make sure, is the game actually running on your GPU, or is it running on your CPU? Sometimes Windows automatically sets certain games to run on the wrong hardware (assuming you’re on windows), but you can force the game to run on your NVIDIA card in the NVIDIA Control Panel

Otherwise, I have no clue lol. As far as I know, most people get pretty low FPS in the Arcade, especially if there’s a lot of other players in there.

Thanks for the reply, honestly forgot the 9900k had integrated graphics. I set it to only use my 3090 and I gained a whopping 10 FPS so that did help, but it’s still not really enjoyable to play a game at this low of frame rate when I have top tier hardware but yeah, thanks again for that little pointer hopefully we can figure something out.

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It’s just the game right now. I have the i9-9900k as well, paired with a 2080ti and I average 70-80 in plaza with fairly frequent drops as low as 30-40

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Personally, I just believe that’s because of the state of the game.
Personally, I think it’s all right for the developers to add and fix content before doing any more optimization. Garry’s Mod was never like that to begin with.
For the record, I’m running TU on a 1660 Super with an i7-9700K, with my iGPU turned off in the BIOS. My FPS jumps around, everywhere, but tends to soft-60, when I have the option set to 144. When there’s absolutely nothing going on, I see the FPS try to reach 144, but I’m fine with it when it’s 120.