Lotto or "UnitsMillion"

Hello, I come to propose you the idea of a lottery that will be implemented in the casino and/or the Plaza. You would have to buy a ticket (price in Units to be defined) and choose 5 digits and 2 bonus digits, and a draw would take place every Tuesday and Thursday for example (2 days a week would be nice) at a certain time (the most optimized for all the time zones of the plazas). In view of the difficulty of winning, the amount to be won should be at least around 10 million Units, and will increase by 2.5 million or a certain percentage of the amount at stake each draw without a big winner (the probability being around 1/140 million). Optionally there might be the possibility to have the draw live, which will announce whether the amount has been won or not.

Not exactly the same but we are getting Keno in the next Casino update.

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