Lost Xp & got no Milestone Item

Was playing little Crusader for a while and had over (i think) 150k xp und also unlocked shield & sword milestone.
First never recieved the item and after log out and later log in again, every progress was gone.
Had this problem also with Halloween xp (think over 500k xp currently), and (i think) Plazaa/Arcade xp (don´t know exactly how much i lost there).

I only see sometimes in the right corner on top that it tries to “sync”, but that´s in an endless loop.
I know Steam bugged currently the whole system in here. :unamused:

Also lost my xp for casino (got over 500k) and never recieved milestone item. Now i´m around 400k again. :pensive:

Even in the nightclub i´ve lost around 100k xp (don´t know the exact number). :roll_eyes:

The status of issues with transactions, EXP, milestones, and achievements is being documented here: https://towerunite.statuspage.io/. More information can also be found on our Discord support channel (linked there).

Ok, i saw it want my personal phone number to create a support ticket (i know why i avoid Discord). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This means i come back when everything runs fine and do my whole progress again. :sleepy:

… but thanks for the assistance. :wink:

No problem, and the general status page should be updated as the issues are resolved. No need to make a Discord if you don’t want to.

Ah, thanks, that´s good to know. :blush:

Hope you get everything back as soon as possible to normal.

Greetz :kissing_heart:

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