Lost things in my condo

i only lost 2 things but still lost them nonetheless and it’s too late to do a condo reset because i continued building even though things were lost and just waited for an admin to get on to ask for assistance.

I lost the ball race bumper from the achievement and i lost the GMT addiction trophy which was honestly my favorite one, It’d be nice to get them back, but if not then i guess it’s understandable.

You can go to the console and type


That’s the first thing I’d do. If that doesn’t fix it, get an admin’s attention.

I believe gmt_resettrophies got disabled due to exploits. Might want to ask @macdguy instead.

I had requested on forum for a condo reset, it never happened though, I guess admins sorta forgot it all when the new forum and Tower Unite got spotlight.
I didn’t loose 2 items, I lost 3 full rooms of items in them. Which made me leave until last week when I registered here on this new forum for the first time.