Lost 230k due to bug (Poker)

Summary of bug here - I had a Full House KKKTT and the other person had a Full House with KKTTT
It counted my hand as a “Three Of A Kind” and for some reason gave the Full House to the other player with the lower ranking Full House. In the end I lost 230k because of this.

Steps to Reproduce - Picture Listed Below

What I expected to happen - Tooo win?
The normal behavior.

What happened - I loooost

The issue the bug caused - #Rip230k

My Steam ID is - Steam Community :: ΛЯΣƧ

According to to 888poker.com’s Poker Odd’s Calculator ΛЯΣƧ had a 100% chance to win this hand.

Since his hand is only reading the Three of a Kind (3 Tens) I assume the Kings aren’t being considered for a full house.

Please give this man his 230k.