Losing Credits for No Reason

This was during the casino 2 update. i was playing with the roulette table. I finally got all my money back after betting the majority of it away with little profit. Once I left and went to blackjack, It just removed 960,000 credits while I was playing. This happened multiple times which caused me to lose a ton of my money previously and took a bit to grind back for. I was supposed to have around 2 million credits but i lost a mill and even more trying to get it back. so right now im at 400,000 credits and would really appreciate if i could get my credits reimbursed.

The bug happens when you bet a lot of money at the roulette table then go to a different game involving money.

I expected to keep my money.

I lost 960,000 credits.

Below is the video proof of me losing money when I went to go use money on blackjack.

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came here to say I am experiencing the exact same thing

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