Lose a song in translation

To mess songs up, you must do these thingies:
For example, let me translate 1, 2, Haferbrei

Since the lyrics are in the description, copy them and paste them into google translate like this:

Make the result on the right any language you want
Copy the result on the right with this button

Refresh the page
Paste in the result
It’ll be even more ruined now

Repeat until you get your desired result.
Here’s one of my results:
1 2 Kirj’s porridge is purple
1 2 greasy powder because Kirby is very sweet
Come back

Kibba isolated some of the opponents and later placed them.
Kibbie is very happy, because she is a pink person

To protect the metabolism of mercury
King Dan of G King arrested
The king took with him the armed force that killed the sword around the king
What is the victory?
Come back
It also won

Tower Unite Kickstarter Lyrics
English > Chinese (Simplified) > Bulgarian > Vietnamese > Latin > English

In this way, that it is.

No way fist
I said that I know will not die.
But we always feel very happy,
Changes in the sky and a tower.

The leaves fall in equity.
the sunbathe
Do you feel the atmosphere in the back seat of crying;

I do not care about it, because it is not indifferent to it.

I was now come,
I am, however, I have not done: that in this way.
I was now come,