Looking for some good TU renders

I’m working on some posters for the canvases but I suck at making renders. I already grabbed the TU and gamemode logos from the trello but I’d really like to have the dog, cat, and catsack. If someone could find or make them for me, I’d very much appreciate it.

yeah, i’m afraid we just need to buy a cat/dog pet or catsack and photoshop these out of screenshots

That’s what I was afraid of. I suck at rendering.

Here you go bub! Remember seeing these a while back, hope it helps

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Appreciate the effort but I’m good on screenshots. Been diving into the screenshot section, grabbing the good ones.

Well, there is one suggestion…
Dig through the TU files and find the models and materials for them.

We can probs just open it in unreal

2 l8, i already did it