Looking for alternative image host thats not Imgur


As the title says, I’m looking for a alternative image hosting site that’s not Imgur. The reason being they deleted my private gallery after 6 months of not having any views. So what’s the point of private if thats gonna end up anyways? The only other image host I tried was Photobucket, but honestly its garbage. I would try for Discord, but there’s also potential downtime to consider.

All I really want is a image host that would be able to load canvases optimally and fast.



You can create a private discord server and create text channels purely made to upload images used for canvases. One thing to note the memory limit is 10MB, which isn’t a huge issue since you shouldn’t be uploading textures past 2000x2000 resolution honestly.



If I place them on Discord the images will still be in the condo even if the server is down correct?



I use imgur but I save all of the images I need on an external hard drive. If an image link becomes dead, I use Sharex to right click on the image I want and upload it to use again



The only times I’ve seen canvases not load when hosted through a private discord server, is when the discord servers themselves go down. A quick check on discord to see if your server is online is easy enough.

Just make sure you use the direct link for uploaded images, the ones that end in .png, .jpeg etc.



I use my personal trello board to upload images to carts there. The advantage is that you can use the image link straight away without having to deal with permissions, and you have no limit on how many images you can attach in your board.
But for simplicity, you can also just use the discord method. Possibly the most private option is using file sharing services like dropbox or google drive, but that requires managing your links and having limited file storage.



I use Dropbox, and it works very nice