Look at this pixeltail games please

Dear Pixeltail Games, I know I’m new to this forum but I played Gmod Tower since Lobby one and my birthday is coming up shortly and I know its kinda unfair for the other people but I would really like maybe a reward? I know its a big claim and you will probably ignore this but if you can that would be all I need for my birthday. - Muffin :smiley:

Happy Early Birthday.

I do not think you will be getting a reward.

Dear @Muffin,
I hope you have a great birthday! It’s doubtful that they’ll give you a birthday present / award for no apparent reason, but, you never know.

Happy Birthday!

I think it would be cool if they gave people Unique items for their Birthday, it’s unlikely but who knows.

inb4 getting 1 Gmc

Happy Early Birthday @Muffin.

But like the others say, I doubt you will get any reward, especially as if they gave one to you, then everyone would be wanting one.

Aww dude, what if there were a consumable cake item you got on your birthday? You could see people seniority around the tower by how much cake they have.


Now this is an idea I can get behind!

on tower unite a birthday gift would be cool but easily abusable by changing your bday. oh well.

It’s amazing how so much people replied to my post and I am stoked to see like 8 people reply. I know i’ll probably not get a reward but maybe in another universe that could happen :smiley:

I’m sorry, but I’m sick of people asking to get special treatment.
You’re not special in any way, why should you get this present when others don’t?

you really are butthurt but i agree everyone should get a gift on their birthday

lol stop trying to start shit

Well, I would’ve put it less harshly than vtipoman, but I do agree with him. If you were to get something, then everyone would have to get something or it wouldn’t be fair. At the same time, though, I don’t really see a problem with them making some small gift item to give to people on their birthday. You know, just something simple and easy to make, like maybe a birthday cake or even just a generic present item like they have for Christmas. It’d be a simple yet touching gesture.

You know, they wouldn’t even have to make it a physical gift. Just do something like add some birthday banners and other celebratory objects automatically to their condo during the person’s birthday and remove it when it is no longer their birthday. This way, no one can exploit the system for physical rewards yet it still lets something special be had for the occasion.


I’ve never said I’m againts birthday gifts. If the game asks everyones birthdays and gives /everyone/ the present, I’m ok with it

I’m down with that.

I think to prevent abuse, you shouldn’t be allowed to edit the birth date you input.

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