Longest Word Ever (Kaladont)

An idea that suddenly came to mind. This game is frequently played in Yugoslavia in the Serbocroatian language, and we can play an English variant of it.

In this forum game, we build the longest word in any language ever.
This works by starting with a word, and then continuing with a word that begins with what the last word ends with. Because it is a bit difficult to explain in words, here is an example:

Post 1: Car
Post 2: Armageddon
Post 3: Onion (notice here it also ends with “on”. The next word may not be Onion now!)
Post 4: Onrush
Post 5: Ushanka
Post 6: Kanji
Post 7: jiggle (verbs are also allowed)

Sounds quite simple, right? Well, there’s some rules so you won’t get away with loopholes and other things so easily:

Words that are allowed are:

  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Names of theoretical things (like Kanji or Armageddon as seen in the example above, so not just material things)
  • Geographical/geopolitical place names (if it is made of two words, more are not allowed, then the last word has to be the entire first word, so “Mount Everest” can only be used when the last word was “Mount”)
  • The word has to have atleast three letters!
  • The word has to be English. Foreign words are allowed too, aslong as they are used in English
  • How many of the last letters have to be used in your word is not set, it can be as many as you want, it can even be the entire word if your name/thing is made of two words
  • A word may not be re-used if it was less than 7 words ago, so people won’t build “on” loopholes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • When using verbs, it may only be the simple present tense, so not past, progressive or future tense Past, present, progressive are allowed in their simple form. So no tenses where it becomes two or more words.
  • If a word ends with something with which no English word starts (for example “onyx”), you may continue with a word that just begins with the last letter (confirm it though!)
  • However, onyx is a banned word because it’s a pain in the ass in this game.
  • And last but not least, your word has to be real of course, don’t think we won’t notice.

If you are really having trouble finding a word to add, then you can google it, but please only do this if it is REALLY necessary and you have absolutely no clue. Otherwise it ruins the whole game.

In the original Kaladont, the next word has to begin with the last two letters of the last word. However in this game, it can be as many letters as you want, but atleast two letters! Unless nothing past the last letter is possible.

But enough talking, let’s begin!


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Erosion :thumbsup:



Oh and, a rule I forgot is that you may only use English words.


Also you are supposed to CONTINUE the thing guys

Ushanka, Kanji or Onruch aren’t really English words right? But you used them in your example. That’s why I got confused.

They are used in English though. “Ereigniswahrscheinlichkeit” is a strict German word not used in English.

I guess we will just do a test chain to confirm that everyone got it before we begin the real chain.

So does this mean I can start? Because…




Edit: “Oreos” will not work with “Stereos”. I’d use a word like “Oscillate” or something.


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it’s a medication of some sort, pls dont sue me



Ion storm FTL represent!


can’t blame you