Log into youtube in condo

You should be able to login to youtube red in your condo if you have an account to watch the exclusive content.

I don’t believe this is possible

Is there a reason why?

I think it’s because you can’t log into youtube using the Unreal Media Player which is used for media players in TU

Even if you could log into YouTube Red personally, nobody else could view that content because they wouldn’t have the credentials to view content behind a paywall.

It’s like how you can’t view Netflix in a media player. If TU did allow video playback of that kind, it would certainly be illegal.


Even if that is the case, still sucks not being able to watch age restricted stuff in my own condo.

Even disregarding PixelTail’s policies on adult content in their games, once again, YouTube requires verified login credentials for adult content.

Sure, it would be nice if you could view this stuff in a private, single-player condo, but this would essentially be impossible without official integration with YouTube themselves (which will never happen).

Pixeltail would have to manage their own video streaming service. This is unreasonable for any studio, especially one as small as PT.

Even though Tower Unite is a platform for self expression, there are limitations. They can not regulate YouTube content, thus rely on standard viewer content restrictions. You may as well blame YouTube for this rather than the devs.


I use duckduckgo’s Video section for age restricted stuff because I don’t like logging in, maybe they (the devs) can use it somehow, I may be wrong but I would like this very much.