Lock Items in Condo

I am sure this has been suggested a thousand times, but it would certainly be nice to be able to lock an item in place once you put it down. If this were a thing, then it would be a lot nicer.
For one, you wouldn’t accidentally screw everything up by accidentally clicking on an object when trying to click another. It could also have more functionality, so if you have drinks sitting on the counter, you can lock them so people aren’t always trying to drink them, ruining your aesthetics.
So, the main reason why I want this is because every time someone comes into my condo, they love to drink as much as possible. I have the drinks there only because of decoration reasons. So it is just annoying to have to either replace the drinks or load an older save.

tl;dr: Allow for the ability to lock items in place, and restrict functionality if wanted.

Yeah, this is on my todo list.