Local multiplayer?

I swear I remember seeing this somewhere but I can’t find it at all

So local multiplayer, if you’re not familiar, is playing multiplayer. But locally. And by locally, I mean it can be on the same couch or on the same network.

What I imagine it would be is an extra menu option at startup (Local Multiplayer) that, upon selection, shows two more options

  • System multiplayer will take you to a player selection screen where stock players can be selected, or if it’s quick enough can have player customization. This is your basic 2-4 player split screen function for game worlds. Maps are chosen by the players and game rules can be customized (time, rounds, lives etc).
  • LAN multiplayer will take you to a list lobby of everyone joining that LAN party. The host selects options and maps, and a chat is in place in case people are in different rooms.

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to play a game of virus with everyone on the couch and have a blast, but I don’t want 4 PCs in front of me.


While I wouldn’t have much use for it, it does sound like a good feature to look into adding, but probably not a priority one.

LAN should definitely be doable however.

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someone already mention this idea .I think idea was recent made.

Could you direct me to this thread?

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as I mentioned once before when you said there was another thread with a similar idea, please link us to it, it’s nice to compare ideas and talk with the people with similar idea to possibly make an even better idea combined. Just saying there was an idea like that and leaving it at that really doesn’t help us keep the threads organized.

it not my job to find it. I seen all the thread on here. Dude it up to member to look at suggestion idea list first so people can’t post repeat idea.i’m just inform people someone all ready done this idea.
i’m not going to go down on huge list and try to find it.if i have i have free time will try to find it oh ok.

I understand it’s not your job, but just saying I think there’s a thread like that and leaving doesn’t really help much. But whatever, it’s not too important anyway

Did already, didn’t find it. I think it was an unrelated post on some thread made ages ago.

In my opinion, a split-screen multiplayer isn’t probably worth much in this day in age in PC gaming (although its still a nice feature neither the less) although the multiplayer LAN would really be a nice addition since LAN servers are basically the same thing as a normal server only they run in Local IPs.

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@Cakemagic PC isnt big on local multiplayer, its normally ports from consoles that do that, while its a good idea the users and units wont work entirely, unless its only for minigames then it might work