Lobby Plinko

So, when playing GMT with a friend, I noticed that there weren’t too many ways to get GMC in the lobby that didn’t require holding down a button for 10 seconds. I thought adding a small plinko-like game somewhere in the lobby would be a quick and neat way of making a few more GMC. You’d pay a small amount of GMC for the Plinko chip (ie: 50) and choose where to drop it, then you get GMC for where it lands. Middle being something like 250 GMC and then outer would be 15 GMC. Sorry if this is an awful explanation, just wanted to pitch this idea out real quick. All the amounts of GMC I suggested were obviously just examples. And I’m using “GMC” because I don’t exactly know the name of the currency in Tower Unite.

For anyone confused, here is a video of Plinko.


Plinko would be an awesome addition to the Casino, or anywhere else in the lobby.

Also the official currency of Tower Unite is Units. :slightly_smiling:

Great suggestion.


Argg there’s already too much plinko in the Minigolf and Ballrace maps >.<… But yeah, sure more plinko