[Lobby] Collectable Info Points

If any of you have played Wii Sports Resort’s Island Flyover game, you know where I’m going with this. Basically, players will be able to hunt around the plaza for various “Info Points.” I imagine that players will have to purchase something like a guidebook and equip it to start searching. As a player approaches one of these info points with their guidebook, an i icon will fade in. Collecting this info point by walking into it will give the player a little blurb about the location and a photo or something in their guidebook to mark down that they have found the point.

For example: I go to the top of the ferris wheel structure and find an info point. As I get close, a little box pops up at the bottom of the screen with the text “This wheel would make for a very romantic spot if it weren’t for the noisy roller coaster nearby.” When I run into the point itself, a little “pop” noise or something plays, indicating that I collected the point. If I open my guidebook, I see that one of the previously empty pages now has a photo of the ferris wheel with the aforementioned description below.

Similar to other geocache-like suggestions, this would be primarily to encourage exploring the plaza. Whether you’re just collecting the occasional i points you happen across or are hunting down the legendary Dev HQ point, there’s something relaxing about looking around and enjoying the scenery. This would likely be better to implement post-Ocean Expansion, since there will be many more places to give info points, but it would probably be easy to just add more I points as necessary.

I’d say take it even further than just the plaza: any owner of a guidebook can place down i points in their condos. Hide 10 secret i points for guests to scavenge or to simply add a bit of descriptive flavor to your condo projects. These might not be marked permanently for visitors, but it gives guests a reason to explore your build to the fullest extent.

What do you guys think? Remember, if you happen to like the idea you can vote both using the forum feature in the upper left corner and using the poll I’ve included.

  • Hunting down those points is a must!
  • I think it would be a fun activity.
  • I wouldn’t mind whether this was implemented or not.
  • Leaving this out is the better option.
  • Adding this would be a waste of the devs’ time!

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Not sure how I feel about this specific idea but I do agree the lobby needs more activities. Scavenger hunt type stuff like this could be pretty cool.

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I actually really like this.


I remember Wii Sports Resort. I would love for that to be a thing I would just prefer them to be small so they don’t take up a lot of space.

Yeah I love that idea. I remember getting a cottage after getting all 80 points.


I dig it! I like Scavenger hunt type stuff. And yeah, encourages exploring the Plaza more. +1 vote

Must have this feature.
Great one @Arkive86 :blush: