Lobby 3 (Phase 2)




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Features Checklist

  • New Bait Shop & Boat Rental (for the upcoming fishing update)
  • Fresh store detailing pass (part 1)
  • Upgrade store window displays
  • Private theater entrance area (for upcoming private theater feature)

Fixes & Optimizations

  • Added collision to the plaza road's trim so players can no longer fall through it when using the tiny potion
  • Reduced texture data from ~760MB to ~740MB which will very slightly improve load times (ongoing process)
  • Added collision to a metal wall behind the tower that did not have collision
  • Fixed a gap in the escalators

Misc. Changes

  • Moved the boat launch building over to give the new bait shop & boat rental building more space
  • Cleaned up the railings around the boardwalk
  • Added more nightlighting around boardwalk

Again still epic.

What’s gonna be in each of the phases? What parts of the lobby are in each?

Probably things like the ocean expansion, arcade, and bumper cars.

It can’t be that, phase 2 is coming out in and stuff like the ocean expansion and arcade most likely aren’t going to be done in that update.


Oh I didn’t know it was coming with, sorry.

Everything that is functional in Lobby 2 is in phase 1. Phase 2 will deliver more updates to the overall artwork and polish of everything, including some more stuff for fishing and some missing exteriors.


What about the Upgrades store? The only thing left to do it says on the roadmap is to place it in the plaza, will that be coming with Lobby 3 Phase 1?

Do you have an ETA for the phase 1?

Phase 1’s coming out in

Upgrades store in is phase 1, but the upgrades won’t be available just yet as they haven’t been made yet. But the store is complete so you can walk around and see the artwork for it.


It’s coming in the next update.

I know but some updates take months and some take days

The next update doesn’t have an ETA.

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Well, then there’s your answer. They never give ETAs for updates.


tower unite headquarters, seatle

“A deep voice hovers across the microphone”

“Phase 2 is ready for execution”

Oooo inter es ting

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