Lobby 3 Expectations


so when can we expect lobby 3 to come out?

early 2019 could just mean Q1 of 2019 (january 1st to march 31st)

are we going to have any trailers or teasers before it’s release? (besides the video from the 23rd)


I imagine we will get a few more images or teasers closer to the release. We’ve technically got a couple photos from the new Lobby already, I believe ;3


We might start to hear more after the big achievement/milestones update, since that’s going to be the next big thing.

That said, and this is pure speculation, but maybe that update will roll out with the new lobby, seeing as some achievements involve taking photos at certain spots or finding plushes around the plaza (though the current plaza has hidden plushes, there aren’t enough [at least discovered thus far] to fulfill the achievement for it).

but that’s juuuuuust a theory


i think that theory might be probable, because they could either have unobtainable achievements and milestones (more likely) or have it roll out with the lobby so all the achievements and milestones are obtainable on day one of the update (less likely)


so in my opinion
lobby 3 is a place…
with stuff in it!?!?!?

just a theory though, a rather outlandish theory as well


We already know that all achievements will not be earnable when the update releases. There is (at least) one for cooking, which is not implemented at the moment.


they better add bathrooms


lobby 1 bathroom salesman was my favorite character


mine too


stop lying. we all know that lobby 3 will take place outside of the space time continuum, thus it will not be a place with stuff

please do your research before conducting a theory