Lobby 1


That is what he’s talking about. If you look at the pictures, everywhere there should be a recessed light, he’s got a lamp placed on the ceiling.



I really like this. Nice job @AshGe!


Holy woah… That’s just so much impressive.
I’ll visit your condo as soon as im online.


I’m doing something else at the moment in singleplayer.

I’ll open it once it’ll be advanced enough.


Alright, but tell me how many units you spent since the beginning of this Lobby 1’s replica ?


Roughly 5 millions


Wow this is cool.


Wha- h-how?! I can’t even.


Im quoting @AshGe’s reply to answer your question



Tiiiiiny smol update :


It feels a bit cozier now. :beach:


WHoaa, this is absolutely amazing so far! Keep it up! :smiley:


Woah, nice! Also, where can I get those GMT textures?


I extracted them from the Gmtower files. I had an ImgUr account with almost all of them on it, but suddenly I couldn’t access it anymore… … the links still works tho so whatever :smiley:


looks amazing now ashge, great work as always :smiley:


Insane work.
Cool to hear Dough is still active too, haven’t seen that guy around in ages.
Out of interest why did you decide to build around your condo and not on smooth grass?


he started building before Smooth grass was a thing AFAIK


As Vtipoman said. I started this last October. (And having a beach around is always great! =)


Haven’t checked on this in a while and it’s still amazing! Keep doing great work @AshGe!


Suite kitchen update :

I modified the suite kitchen so it looks closer to the original one.

Here’s the old layout:

Here’s the new layout :

And the original one to compare with :

I honestly think it looks better than before.