Lobby 1 miniature replica in GMT condo

Hi there :smile:

I’m just here to show off my condo.

After a “god from the underworld” worshipping looking like condo (just for fun, m’kay?:imp:), I decided to do a construction about something that really matters to me, Lobby 1.
It’s more like a “empty shell” of the Lobby and the Entertainment Plaza, so don’t expect to see the most precise thing ever (especially with 185 items max).

Let’s not waste any more time, here are the most recents screenshots I’ve made:

The roof:

from below:

These screenshots are the most recents ones I’ve made… and unfortunately, I cannot make anothers due to the infamous “I think some Leprechauns have stolen most of my Condo Items… … guys?glitch

Anyway, here are the rest, taken a day before those ones shown above, with a short commentary on them about how the final version looked like:

The Lobby:

It was a bit fancier in the final version, with corner modern desks in the corners, and Bar desks to design each side of the Entertainment Plaza entrance.

The Entertainment Plaza, as seen from the Lobby entrance

best tank ever :boy:

another angle:

Beds used as walls (trying to match the actual texture of the map)

as seen from the Food Court:

Here, there were TV shelves to design each of the shops entrances, instead of a bunch of marble walls.

Here is a screenshot of my already destroyed replica, but the bed (used here as a big one roof) survived.

(looks like a pot farm from above…)

These are now some image of the aftermath of the Leprechauns house call:

And That’s it! It was the Lobby 1 miniature replica exhibition, that lasted two weeks :clap:

It was fun to build!! It took me hours, but I don’t regret it at all.

Don’t hesitate to leave a reply, even if you don’t like it :raising_hand:

As for me… I’ll clean up my condo and get back that pentacle of mine (just for fun aswell… not doing illegal stuff… :smiling_imp:)


Nice job dude :smile:

WOW that’s awesome! Good job, seriously!

Now that’s what I call dedication

Thank you all the three of you :blush:

I have a video of me destroying my condo I made, want to see it lol? I started recording AFTER I destroyed the front of it, but I walk through all of it to showcase, then start deleting & selling it all.

Why not. Let’s give a glance at your old condo :smile_cat:

The front is already torn apart because i forgot to record before I started tearing things down, but it was basically a closed in house kinda thing.


I’m blown away. Awesome job you did there!
I had to give you the Nice Post badge :stuck_out_tongue:

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Whoaa, thank you Radek :bow: !!

And Ziph… … how could you sell your Rave ball?! Don’t you think tripping over those shiny colors in the dark rooms is addictiv? :dizzy_face:

(I’ve lost my last Rave Ball because of the Condo glitch :person_frowning: … [yeaaa, let’s throw away another 30 grands for another one :sweat_smile:])

You’ve won GMTower.

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i think condo’s get destroyed when you have a big amount of items, gmt can’t load it anymore and blam, a few of them gone (for me there was only one little wall left)

also, i love this project

Simply great

Pretty cool.