Lobby 1, GMT Ending News, New Lobby Easter Egg. [NOT AN ARG]

So firstly, massaki went on and did a vote to ask people if they wanted to see lobby 1 for 10 mins.
Of course everyone voted yes, here are some screen shots of lobby 1 on the server for a little.

Secondly, massaki said 2 things that were realling exciting while showing us lobby 1.
First thing he said was he was working on a credits video for GMT, and also he asked wich map to go back to, r3 or r4? i dont recall ever hearing about GMT Lobby 2 r(release)4 map, so a possibe ending map?

Finally, There is a timer in plaza now that is syncronized with your computer clock (Pic for refrence: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/315622114431472850/13F36D846299FB23B1CB9590607E616429D1BE70/ ) If you set your clock to 12:00 AM, you faintly hear Europe - The final Countdown in the backgroud. Could GMT be ending soon?

Only time will tell…


Aw, I missed this. Nice to see you again, old friend…

Lobby2_r4 … what’s the freaking hell…
I reaaaaaaally hope I’ll make it to the final day…

8 hours ago? midnight for me, could have never experienced it

I was there when he was messing around with the clock (and also a ton of other stuff lol).

I also have a vid a bit earlier but I haven’t uploaded it (yet?)


hey, its milky and bumpy

i was just messing around with the clock, no arg here folks, I do have a really, really nice one last little send off video for GMTower that I’ve been working hard on and I think you’ll all enjoy, it’ll be my last video doing stuff for Tower/PixelTail in general and I think it’s the perfect note to end that chapter on.

No idea what Mac’ll be doing with it once it’s ready, we might do a screening on the server on the day of the closure (considering it is essentially one big credit’s sequence) or I might just throw it up on the YouTube account, we’ll see!!!


Dont worry, i didn’t think this was an arg at all, i knew it was just you just having fun. I should probably put an edit to the title of this post saying this isnt an arg. I’m super excited for the screening, i hope it goes well! I also wanted to thank you for all the awesome moments you provided GMT, and i hope wherever you go next, it be as good as GMT was! Thank you Massaki!

@Massaki removed the clock by the way.

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