An option to create own loadouts. So the weapons you spawn with aren’t randomized. Or maybe that the weapons are locked at a spot in the loadout.


this was how it was in gmod tower, i don’t want to go back to it. you had to buy the weapons so newer players who weren’t loaded yet would be locked out of using most of the guns. and it wasn’t balanced too well so you only saw one or two of the options per slot used by the majority of people, which got really boring. (chainsaw/katana, magnum, shotty, and grenade launcher if i remember correctly.) the current system of getting a new kit on respawn is much better.

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I feel like as it is now, if I get a weapon I don’t like I just rush to die in order to respawn with one that I do because unlike Virus, the punishment is just like- other person gets a point, but then I can farm with a good weapon next life (at least in the Arcade mode). The weapons are already free, I don’t see why implementing a loadout system would necessitate making people pay for them like in PVP Battle. Knowing what you and your opponent are going to have prior to running into each other so it’s not up to chance feels more balanced than “ah yes, I lose this encounter because I have weapon X and they have weapon Y”. If a given weapon is too powerful and becomes the meta the devs could drop a balance update to make it more in line with other weapons, whether that be by nerfing it or buffing other weapons so they’re able to be competitive against it, with the latter option being preferable.

I feel like this, as I do with many suggestions, should be a toggle. If people do want loadouts and are fine with people using whatever may be deemed overpowered or meta at a given time, let them. And if they don’t, just have random be the default option.

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