Loadouts / Pacing / Power Weapon Spawns

I think it’d be a great feature to add loadouts to Virus. Players would be able to equip one of each in the pistol slot, shotgun slot, rifle/SMG slot, and equipment slot e.g. adrenaline or TNT. That way the experience would be better suited to the player than it being up to chance which is one of my major gripes. The gold 9MM is one of the milestone rewards for the gamemode yet you don’t get the 9mm half of the time to even see it, this change would greatly help that and even possibly make way for a customization/weapon skin system. On top of that, this would also make balancing guns as well as Survivor v.s. Infected easier. Ammo counts might have to be increased or ammo caches/drops could be placed around the map to encourage player movement and change the pacing of the game.

Also adding weapons to the map with random spawns would encourage players to break up to go look for them. These weapons they find would be more powerful than ones found in your loadout. For example, I think the flak pistol is a little overpowered for a loadout system but I think it’d work really well as a random map spawn. Also something like the Egon Cannon would work well here too maybe with a time restraint on it so players wouldn’t stall with it.

Also an extra idea I had while writing this, maybe give the alpha zombie permanent increased speed or health to balance to playing field a little bit. Not enraged levels but just a little bump up to make it easier for them. Maybe a color change too to let the survivors know they’re the alpha.

i dont think the custom loadouts would be very fun, since people would probably just grab the best guns for the meta and ignore everything else which would suck for the infected since most people would have the best weapons every round. i really like the power weapon spawns and extra health/speed for the first zombie though


But that would just make it easier to grab the best gun like the tommy gun, plasma rifle and the ones with TNT, it would get boring very easily.

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it’s not like the infected already have a hard time to infect a singular survivor even if you’re really near them or touching them multiple times but rarely registered, so giving survivors weapon of choice is a no brainer that they will choose the most meta weapons, and it’s going to be a nightmare for infected.

the weapon respawn might be fitting as a mutator however tho.

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In my playtime the infected do have a really hard time winning fairly. The survivors always group up and it’s impossible to infect them unless you’re enraged or spawn literally ontop of them (which isn’t fun or fair). I think if you were to change the pacing to require the survivors to move, fix the spawns so they don’t spawn on top of you, and tweak the alpha then it’d help fix the issue and make game play more fun

Also I don’t think there’s a big issue with a meta, all you have to do is add a lil balancing and it should work out easily since the game mode doesn’t have too many weapons to balance.

But then you could balance the weapons to fix the meta if need be. There’s already a meta in the current version too even without loadouts. There’s a couple weapons that just aren’t used whatsoever, some of the pistols to name a few.

But you already spawn with either a Tommy gun/plasma rifle? This change would just give you a choice in which one you want.

You’re still forced to have unoptimal guns in your loadout, if you could just choose every gun then some guns just won’t ever be used by 90% of players. While there’s guns that are worse than others I still find myself using them just because I needed a weapon to switch off to after running out of ammo, and if I could just pick out every good weapon then 1. that’s not as fun or challenging and 2. that sucks for the developers who took the time to model and program those weapons that no one ever uses


No you don’t lol its random

Lmaooo what??? You said with a loadout system it would be easier to get a Tommy Gun or a Plasma Rifle, you already spawn in with one or the other. There’s only two choices lol, it’s just random which one you get.

So basically you clearly don’t play Virus a ton, some random loadouts you get from that game don’t give you a tommy gun nor a plasma rifle, not even a TNT.

That’s why the guns need to be balanced. Mostly no guns should be worse than another, although they shouldn’t be the same gameplay wise. And some guns are still never used even in the current meta and could use a decent buff. No one really uses pistols ever because you pretty much always have enough ammo between the rifle/SMG and the shotgun. Never have I ever seen a player use the sci-fi pistol. Also it sucks for the player to get the milestone for the Gold 9MM and the dev who made it to never see it half the time because they didn’t spawn in with it.

Okay one, fix your attitude. I have no idea why you’re being rude. Two, do your research before you post, you’re the one who clearly hasn’t played Virus enough. You always spawn in with an automatic weapon in Slot 3 that’s either the Tommy Gun or the Plasma Rifle. It is impossible to spawn in without one. And I never said you couldn’t spawn in without a TNT either, I said that you should be able to pick either TNT or Adrenaline. This is actually a nerf because when you spawn in with TNT you also always spawn in with Adrenaline. This would force the player to pick.

Again, you barely played Virus, I’m not being rude I’m telling you that your wrong but you wouldn’t listen to me. I have spawned many times in Virus without a tommy gun nor plasma rifle, for you to say you can get one of them every match is absurd lol

This is literally quoted from the Tower Unite wiki, "Weapons that can appear in slot 3. One of these are randomly given to all players each round. " Weapons (Virus) | Tower Unite Wiki | Fandom and then the Tommy Gun and the Plasma Rifle are listed. Also it’s rude that you’re trying to put me down by assuming how much I’ve played.

I’d actually like to get conformation if that is actually true, because I’ve seen the tommy gun or the plasma rifle in slots 2 or 1. Also isn’t the Wiki barely updated?

I have never seen that before, could’ve been like that in the past but that’s not how it is now. Ask away on the Tower Unite discord, I’m sure someone will have an answer for you. Also, the other person commenting on this post, CalculatorSpoon, is actually the one who created that Wiki page.

Is it true you always spawn with the tommy gun or plasma rifle? I never had that option in Virus games.

it’s not an option but yeah each round you’ll have either a tommy gun or plasma rifle, there’s no loadouts where you have neither or both afaik

ah, thanks for the conformation, but I know for a fact I had loadouts without a plasma rifle or tommy gun…