I Just Feel That The Loading Time To A Server Takes A Long Time.
Sometimes While Loading The Game Crashes And Will Even Just Freeze.

I agree. But it could take long to fix the error.

Keep in mind that this is a game pretty early in development. They’re always optimizing, but they are more focused on getting the base game up to par with what they want. I highly doubt it’s simple to reduce load times, so it’ll probably be slowly decreased over time as opposed to a sudden drop in wait time.


Ok thanks
I was just mentioning it was slower than normal

What are your system specs? The longest it takes for me to load the plaza is 30 seconds, and that’s with an SSD.

Yeah, the Plaza is a large thing to load. Tons of assets and loading into the server and all that. You just have to remember that it’s not solid yet, nothing is permanent. A couple updates back they slashed loadtimes. They’ll get to it.

There was a point when the plaza used level streaming, which meant it would only load the train station when you first joined, and would load the other parts as they were needed. They’ll likely re implement that once the map is in a more final state.