Live voice leveling

I’ve noticed a huge issue in the game where some users in voice are ear-piercingly loud and others are whispery quiet. I’d love to see some live normalization on the audio streams that adjusts all microphone inputs to have automatic adjusting inputs so that the output is equal for everyone, meaning no more turning voice volume right up just to have your ears blown.

In addition, the ability to adjust individual volume from specific users could work. Discord has this and it’s a lifesaver in some servers.


Please. Nothing less than “ear-piercing” can really describe what it feels like to up your volume to try and make out what the russian guy with a weak microphone is trying to say, only to have a kid with a very powerful one come in yelling and screaming.
The worst part is that you sometimes don’t even need to increase your volume for this happen. During the Halloween event, I had to mute some poor fellow, despite having the game set normally.


Yes we need this please.