Live DJ's for the club

Hey guys, I just wanted to share an idea I had. I’m guessing that the club will work like theater severs in Gmod i.e. picking a soundcloud song or YouTube video and having it play out. My idea is having the ability to play music live, their are services like mixify and mixlr that allow users to set up their own rooms and connect their DJ software so they can mix live. I think it would be cool to implement something like that in tower unite, their could be guest DJs every once in awhile and if everything goes smoothly, we could start looking for resident DJ’s. (I volunteer as a resident in advance)


Hmm, that’d be pretty cool. Not sure how we could properly monitor them though, just so that people actually use it to play music, not other… stuff. Yes, you can do that even with dj mixer thingies that play music live.

:laughing: Other stuff.

I just had an idea, what about launchpad support! That would be awesome!

That would be pretty sweet! I pretty sure ableton has a broadcast feature, IDK about other DAWs

lmao. Just what I was thinking. Anyway, it would be a good idea, although I don’t know how many people would use it. The Night Club is already empty most of the time being much more simple to use.

Maybe their could be portable radios so people could listen in at any time (along with other stations) same would go for radios in people’s condos

Yeah, that would, of course, be awesome! I don’t think there will be many people who actually have skill with a launchpad, and would just toy around with it, but hey, what’s so bad about that?

What kind of music do you guys like? I’m into Hardcore, Hardstyle, Subground, Speedcore .ect

Talking with @Sakunera
If an Icecast server was being run, Tower Unite may be able to stream the audio from that server.
Icecast uses simple ogg, mp3, webm streams, much similar to what is supported on Euro Truck Simulator and Beat Hazard.

However running a icecast server can use a lot bandwidth/usage on a users network if they are hosting one locally for everyone to access, And I have not taken the time to find one that may be available for anyone (There’s one out there definitely)

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After much pain and getting my own, almost local, yet external dedicated server set up with root permissions, I was easily able to set up icecast in an afternoon and broacast my foobar2k player to it with ease.

I have an end-point set up, it uses a simple .ogg file output, or with M3U, XSPF or VCLT extensions beyond that (because platform support I guess). I could play the ogg in my browser with ease, M3u asked for a desktop media client etc. It had around 2-3 seconds of delay (server is 8ms RTT)

If this goes ahead, which I would like to see it, it might be easier to incorperate this into regular audio streams that might be used in the game, like soundcloud. However, it should have a different permission set, as streamed content is dynamic, administrators might not want to accept this form of media, only predetermined ones, such as the soundcloud, which have durations and titles etc.

Yo! thanks for testing it out! I totally forgot about this thread. Seeing that more people are interested in this is awesome! Keep me updated on things <3

I am about a year and so late on this, but I also want to back this idea. Another possible idea is to add a secondary input, allowing aux in on a computer to stream through the game, like a higher quality mic transmission, only usable in the night club.

As for copyright, that could be iffy.

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He knows. He even said that. There’s nothing wrong with necro’ing, if you’re contributing to the topic.


Perhaps a game mode could be added similar to guitar hero in a sense that you’re mixing music and depending on how well you mix the music, you earn points which translates into units. So there are set out songs and you have to, for example, scratch at the right time or blender the music successfully. Idk I just think it could be good.

im into nightcore, dubstep and electro swing! :3
this for example