Little Crusaders payout ideas

Let’s get straight to the point


  • Thanks For Playing - 100 Units [D]
  • You are alive! - 75 Units [D]
  • You saved us all! (pressed the button) - 100 Units
  • Your team won - 50 Units (not achieved player presses button)
    -Esquire - no rank cash
    -Knight - 50 Units
    -rank 3 (forgot how rank was called :P) - 100 Units
    -rank 4 (also forgod the name of rank) - 200 Units

-Get your Birb! - 50 Units (kill dragon with birb)

  • Last hope! (Killed dragon as a last person alive)


  • Tasty! (Devoured Knights, 25 for each) [D]
  • Dragon Wins! - 200 Units

[D] means that the payout is also occured in a draw

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I dont think that the Pixeltail team wants to add payouts like that.

Nice ideas but I think you should wait until we see what the payouts are before making any suggestions.


###Pending (probably gonna be official) payouts

  • Thanks for Playing: 100 U
  • Winning Team: 150 U (You and your team won!)
  • Winning Team (Ghost): 25 U (You were on the winning team, but sadly you’re a ghost now.)
  • The Ultimate Dragon: 150 U (You truly are the ultimate dragon)
  • Esquire Bonus: 15 U (Good day to be an alive Esquire)
  • Knight Bonus: 30 U (You are a real knight now)
  • Baron Bonus: 45 U (description pending)
  • Count Bonus: 60 U (description pending)
  • Last Knight Bonus: 160 U (You were the last Knight standing)
  • Birb To The Rescue: 25 U (You assisted the Birb in killing the Dragon)
  • Ending A Legacy: 25 U (You chomped the Birb)
  • Esquire Chomp Bonus: 15 U (You ate an Esquire)
  • Knight Chomp Bonus: 30 U (You ate a Knight)
  • Baron Chomp Bonus: 45 U (You ate a Baron)
  • Count Chomp Bonus: 60 U (You ate a Count)
  • Dead Knight Bonus: 30 U per Knight (You get 30 U per eaten Knight)

No payout for pressing the dragon’s button? :confused:

Also, as a count, you could say your team is… counting on you :nerd:

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Belgo, we need to have a talk…