Little Crusaders Needs Work

  • The lag compensation w/ the slow bite and the stunlocking needs to be changed. Though it might help sometimes, the VAST majority of times it leads to people dying to the dragon when they should not. I think a faster bite w/o the stunlocking would make the game much more fun. Also, if a knight is jumping off a bridge, he should not get stunlocked midair.
  • The dragon is overpowered against small lobbies, and underpowered against large ones. I think that an easy way to fix this is to increase the dragon’s stamina and decrease its cooldowns against for every player that joins, with the current stats being achieved when there are 6 people in the lobby, and much lower stats when there are 3.
  • Knights should be given a poker stick (think as a sort of “knight’s spear” that they jab forward when they left click. This will make the pushing of the button more satisfying, and fit in with the theme nicely. Also, it might help with some of the hitbox problems if it has increased range and a hitbox of its own.
  • Dragons should not be able to turn so quickly. It is unrealistic (assuming that dragons are real) for them to be able to spin around as fast as people can shake their mice. Also, players standing on top of the dragon should fall off when the dragon shakes. AAAAND, if a knight jumps while on top of a dragon, he should lose his balance and fall off and get stunned, as currently that is a way some knights dodge the tail whip ability. Either that, or the tail whip has higher vertical range.
  • The dragon’s bite needs to be fixed. This might be the result of the lag compensation, but I’ve been bitten THROUGH pillars before. Not cool.
  • There needs to be a limit to how many times a dragon can scream. A pretty large limit, but one nonetheless. This one guy screamaed nonstop until the timer ran out. Maybe maximum of 5 screams? 6?
  • For all games, when the game ends, if you connected from the main menu and NOT from one of the servers, you should not be automatically connected to a server! This autoconnecting can’t be cancelled, and a few times I had to wait a minute to load into a server just so I could disconnect to join another minigame! I don’t even know why autoconnecting is a feature for people that loaded in from the main menu.

Thanks for reading the whole thing if you do. I love Little Crusaders, great job making it feel like Ultimate Chimera Hunt, it really is a blast to play! Keep up the good work =D

Also, random thought: when you open your inventory in your condo, you should not be able to place something behind the inventory tab. Multiple times I have grabbed an item and placed it in my inventory only to place it inside of a wall, behind the backpack tab.

it needs some general lovin’, I agree

I personally think the knights need some kind of dodge roll ability, it’s quite easy to catch a knight when they’re stunned and out of stamina after a roar.

The stunlock isn’t lag compensation, it’s just how it is from UCH. A lot of the things you mentioned just seem very unnecessary, the Knights will be shaken off the dragon next update if he flies now but it isn’t possible for a knight to stay on his back even after being tail whipped. The dragon spamming scream just sounds like poor cooperation with the rest of your team, you always wait for the bird in case a moment like this happen and even then, you should bait out the scream before utilising it.


This is one of the dragon’s most important move of dragon,
Without roar, dragon would be too easy to win, as knights would just circle him.
Roar is used to get out of the situation where you need to escape the whole crowd
But still, roar works only if you are close enough,[quote=“yadda, post:1, topic:19565”]
This one guy screamaed nonstop until the timer ran out

In this case i would be on safe distance and after he roars, just rush at him.

I understand roar is important, but it charges quite quickly, so he was able to roar, then stay midair until another roar charged, then do it again and again. He killed a few knights in the process, but he really did roar an unnecessary amount of times. Anyways, if you can’t win with “only” 6 roars… sure, the cap can be 8.

Actually, it is possible to stay on his back; you simply jump right before he tail whips, and you dodge the move entirely and end up on his back again. Most dragons then proceed to spin around uncontrollably, which does absolutely nothing.

Maybe roar recharge should be changed?

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Trust me, if you think the hitbox/stunbox whatever is bad now, you would of hated UCH.

The term “Shitbox” was used for it.

It is vastly better on Little crusaders however.

Just a list of details:

  • Roar is much more devastating now. Back in UCH, it’s main use was to disperse crowds of pigmasks, seeing as your sprint lasted longer. But in this game, it is used to not only disperse crowds, but to catch fleeing crusaders, leaving them without sprint long enough for the Dragon to eat them.

Its gotten to the point now that Crusaders are baiting out the dragon’s roar before going in for the kill.

  • In my humble opinion, tailwhip is close to useless currently.
    Its hitbox is utter shit, and sometimes doesn’t even register. And thanks to the stun, use this and you are basically asking for death.

Its only use right now is whipping crusaders on your back. Otherwise I just use the roar ability, due to how vastly superior it is.

Tailwhip was a Chimera’s best friend, and now…it’s a dragon’s burden.

Thought Tailwhipping while biting/roaring can stay gone, I believe the hitbox should be fixed, and the movement stun removed (both looking around and moving your dragon)

  • Lastly, the Crusaders need some love too, so I’m proposing that the Dragon creates cracks in the ground when they run or land on the ground, so that crusaders can track them down.

Also, a sprint recharge nerf for the Dragon. Like seriously, have you seen how quickly it recharges? Sprint + flight for days.

wait, you want them to nerf the dragon?
the dragon is already like a quarter of the strength the chimera was
also there was nothing wrong with the bite hitbox of uch, just a bunch of extremely misinformed people not understanding how it worked. if you were inside the chimera’s bite range when he clicked, you died no matter where you were when the bite finished. people have the awareness of goldfish so they didn’t figure that out after dying a few times.