[Little Crusaders] 250 button press montage!

This is actually dedicated to my good friend Ben from Gmod Tower. Me & him played ALOT of Ultimate Chimera Hunt, & even made a leaderboard on who killed the chimera the fastest. I was broken when his friend told me that Ben was no longer with us anymore. :โ€™(
I still remember all the Ultimate Chimera Moments Iโ€™ve had with him, well I hope you guys enjoy this montage, & I hope you enjoy it too Ben! R.I.P :pray:


@CalculatorSpoon Lol 8:18, that kill on you tho
Thereโ€™s actually alot of people in this video lmao, @girlgunwild , @Galactic_Penguin , @Legion , & more, those are just ones that I saw pop up alot.


Wait, Iโ€™m in the video?
Hi mom!


At 8:18

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Nice! :clap:

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