Little Birdie Feeders is too punishing

I apologize for my english first because it is not my native language.

Please note that this post was not made in a request to decrease the prices of the arcade prizes.
In fact if this gets acknowledged by the developers as an issue I would personally highly suggest to increase the prices.

So what is the problem?
As for right now there are 3 games in the arcade you can easily farm tickets with, three are the most popular choices are Little Birdie Feeders and Avalanche with the last one Super Hoopers
And while we can choose either of the three Little Birdie Feeders is way too punishing with a few changing patterns and if you hit a few holes by accident or score higher than 2500 you will get punished and lose tickets
This shouldn’t happen and it makes no sense whatsoever to why its even designed like that…But if its designed like that its to prevent ticket farming right?..

Its to prevent grind and farming…
You see there’s an item you can buy with tickets that cost 2.5m tickets, 210,000 units, 10,000 tokens. You get the idea
In order to get it you need to play one of the machines at least 4~5k times. I’m afraid that’s grind.

So the game by default promotes grind and wants you to grind to get this item
For some people this grind can take days, for some it can take a month and for some it can take more than a few months…it still grind
So before I get an answer with the mentality of “We don’t want you to grind because we want you to take it slow”…Its not a good enough answer, because the grind is hard enough and there’s no point of making it harder
In fact it makes you angrier and demotivates you to continue

Another point to be taken, Avalanche is not punishing in comparison to Little Birdie Feeders so you can score higher than 500 points and still get 500 tickets
I noted Avalanche also has a changing pattern but its not as bad as Birdie Feeders because you can easily overcome this

So why not play Avalanche?
I will give an answer because I will probably get these questions. I simply can’t play Avalanche for too long
For some reason I get fps drops after I play a few games in a row, probably because of the snow particles because they keep stacking up
I got used to playing birdie feeders now and I can also play at my own pace while also listening to music. but the problem with it still persist.

I would love to get a feedback from the developers about this
And please for the love of good do not take it the wrong way, I would not be happy to see prizes prices going down.
I’ve managed to buy all the prizes except for the Wowozela and right now I’m working on the last one, I only want birdie feeders problem addressed

Ty for reading:)

Honestly I always felt that the 600 tickets for getting exactly 2500 score was a glitch, but I never got a response when I reported it so I’m not sure.
It seems like an issue with the score calculation I think, it shows on the right side of the machine what scores get you it ends at 2500, so I think when they have it add the bonus they forgot to have it add the bonus to anything OVER 2500, instead of making it just open to any score of 2500 or more.


if you have a certain skills on super hoopers, you can get 1k+ tickets with ease and might be 2k if you are quick enough; which leaves me an agree here.

I remember I saw a post in this forum of someone complaining that this game was easy to farm tickets and it should get “fixed” and one of the devs replied that they will fix it.
I can’t find it anymore but its in the forums somewhere.

Fact is that if you score more you shouldn’t get less tickets

My point is again that if the game promotes grinding it shouldn’t try and stop you from grinding
This logic is doesn’t make sense and I hope the devs will give me a feedback on this and hopefully change it.

As for hoopers, I’m not good at it and I’d rather not focus on trying to learn the technique for that.

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