Little Bird Feeders and The offering

LBF- It acts as if theres a time limit which i dont see any time what so ever, i had 3 balls left and it just pushed me out of the game like my time ran out

The O - It says you can pick up of a max of 5 balls but its only letting me pick up one at a time, which was weird

Steps to Reproduce

Was just playing LBF trying to get as many 500 as possible then got kicked out before i could finish my last 3 seeds

And I went onto the offering and it was not letting me pick up more than 1 at a time

What I expected to happen

LBF - To be able to finish the game and get my achievement
The O- to pick up more than 1 ball

What happened

LBF - Got kicked out of the game

The O- had to spam the balls to be able to use all 25 balls

Notes / Media

Other misc notes about the bug. Picture or videos would be much appreciated!

The arcade phase 1.5 update removed the ability to hold more than one ball at a time in the offering, but they never removed the text that says you can hold up to 5. not sure about the bird feeders time limit thing though cuz I barely ever play that game

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The time limit for Little Birde Feeders is 45 seconds