List things you want in TU!

Hey you guys! Just reply a list of small things that you want in Tower Unite!
I will also add your suggestions if everyone likes them!
What I want to be added:
Top hats that make you a giant top hat
Crab pets
Dragon pet
Pac-man parody
Milk playermodel
[ this list is prone to expand ]

I think I can speak for everyone when I say I really just want a bigger and better Gmod Tower. There’s little things here and there of course (Milk Carton Guy) but overall the most important thing is an improvement on what we already have.


I believe the whole point of Tower Unite was to take advantage on a better game engine and finally realise the concepts they wanted to put forth in GMTower, but simply couldn’t due to Source Engine limitations.

Lobby 2 nearly broke the whole darn thing when it initially released, ahah. :smile_cat:

We already have crab pets and we will be getting a version of pacman in the arcade

Honestly, other than Cross Platform support (love ya @Zak ;)) I’m perfectly happy with how Tower Unite is going. I don’t have anything else to say. Just make it perform better than Garry’s Mod, and let it actually take advantage of my computer pfft.


A minigolf map which utilities traffic lights

Honestly, I’m cool with everything planned for it right now. What I want the most, though, is a Weather system. Possibly supremely in-depth character customization (dunno how strong the current one will be).

Other than that, I’m happy with what’s currently being offered.


You guys are making some really good points!
Thanks for your feedback

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I’m pretty satisfied with how everything is currently going (except for cross platform support, wasted opresources imo.) I more just want little additions to things, for example larger weapon selection in SNL.

I really would like to see a Max Headroom player model heres what his head looks like the rest is a suit

Oh sweet mercy please no.
Max Headroom is nightmare fuel.

I want good, realistic physics and more creative models that could continuously be added over time. I think maybe a deathrun type gamemode could be pretty cool. Maybe more additions to the condo, like 100k GMC (which would be converted to units not sure how many) could buy you an upgraded condo with a completely different design/layout. Roller blades that you can move around quickly in. Or a skateboard that every time you jump your character does a kickflip. Thats all I got folks.

You will be able to customize the layout of your condo, sorta like building a house in the Sims games.
And Rollerblades are going to be a thing.

I want… all the clothes. :smiley_cat:

Like… leggings, that you can recolour!
Leggings in different patterns/style, like galaxy print, wet/shiny look, and sparkly!

Also boots. Lots of boots. Ankle highs, thigh highs, buckles, straps. GIMME THE BOOTS MAC.