List of furniture that would be great in the future

I wanted to make a small list of items that would be amazing to see in the future. Think of games like The Sims and Playstation home and suggest what you guys would like to see.

  • Bathroom and kitchen props (Counters/islands/sinks/showers/tubs/etc)

  • Different types of fish tanks

  • More hobby stuff (pool tables/air hockey/arcade basketball/ arcade machines)

  • interior waterfalls (the tiny ones, and some medium sized ones)

  • Plants/rocks/trees

  • More holiday items (Christmas trees/etc)

  • entertainment centers

  • That one bench thing that goes at the end of a bed

  • Mini fridges and vending machines

Probably not arcade machines and that stuff since they’ll be in the arcade. And vending machines are already planned.


pretty sure we were gonna be able to get our own custom arcade machines for condos with the system zak was making.
it was one of the most hyped things FOR the arcade :slight_smile:




Maybe buying it with tickets like a prize

I would definitely love more xmas items, hopefully we can get some by this christmas?

Here’s an idea; a music player!

It plays music from Tower Unite, specifically. Where it be the Laser Tag arena loop tracks, the Songbirds shoo theme, the Kickstarter theme or the Virus waiting for players theme…

As for the model itself it could be a jukebox, or a stereo.

Wow, 4 years. That might be a new record. Lol

In all seriousness, though, this belongs in the Item Suggestions Megathread

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