List of Bugs, Tower Unite Alpha Preview

So I’m pretty sure a lot of people are getting this problem right now but it happens the same in the Ball race demo as well when basically you get to a certain level in Midori, I think its literally the last level. My FPS will just DROP significantly. I already know that I can run the game fine on max settings and as soon as i go back to Plaza my FPS is back to 60+ again.

Another thing is i might be picky and its just minor but sometimes you can’t move your game camera around and its stuck in place and the only way to move it is to hold Left click then drag mouse. I think you can fix this by quickly going into settings then out again. Once again like I said its minor.

Another really minor thing and it might be a little early to bring it up since its in Alpha and stuff. But the furniture sometimes doesn’t always go onto the surface and its sometimes floating in mid air

One last thing i’ve noticed and it only sometimes happens is the shadows get screwed up in the condo’s other than that i can’t see much at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

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