List of bugs in the LT update

Dark playermodels (in laser tag waiting room, lobby, and arena)
Playermodel “motion blur”
Too many players in laser tag lobby
Players getting sent outside of arena from overflow issue
Timer sometimes goes too long (in the waiting room)
Sometimes, when moving on an elevator, it will push you out of the map.
This should not happen:
2 Bugs in one video:
When you go close to a wall, bullet sprites appear, and sometimes an elevator won’t let you on it
Elevators sometimes get stuck at the top
Store jazz sometimes plays
Players lose their appearance in certain circumstances while fighting in the arena (killing someone getting shot etc.)



Any bug you found not listed here? Post it.

  • Occasionally players come in with confetti guns.
  • Lots of players teleporting around.
  • Hit detection is weird (sometimes I hit people when I miss, and sometimes I miss when I’m totally hitting people).
  • Players sometimes get stuck in the ground, especially on elevators.
  • Getting shot around corners (probably level streaming bug on their end).
  • Occasionally, trying to regen doesn’t respond so it takes a couple presses of ‘E’.
  • Kill feed takes time to respond, typically when a lot of people die really quickly.
  • I also noticed that I’d occasionally die in what seems like one hit. I know it’s probably just lag and that I got hit 3 times really quickly, but sometimes it’s a bit too quick to seem feasible.
  • Sometimes elevators don’t let me on them.
  • Sometimes walking up to a raised elevator TPs me to the top and then quickly back down again.
  • After the first round, the team player markers (dots at the top of the screen) get stuck at only one dot until some players are eliminated.

I think those are all the ones I’ve found thus far.


never bring a confetti gun to a knife fight laser tag


That’s b/c they glitch out of the map.
They teleport around because of your ping.
They tried weapon prediction but it’s not working too well.
That is known and being fixed.
That’s because the damage box is bigger than the laser’s collide box. I think it’s slightly intentional.
That could be a hitbox issue on the chargers or ping.
It’s not that it takes time to respond, it’s just that it get’s pushed lower than the kill feed display box and you have to wait for it to shift up.
That has happened to me and I think it’s ping as well.
That is reported here.
That’s weird…
I’ve noticed that too.

I’m sure it’s all due to lag of some sort, but my ping wasn’t all that bad (<100). Regardless of what the reasons were for the bugs occurring, I felt like it was worth mentioning them so that the devs know that they are issues. Thanks for the response though.

Ik, even with good ping, LT is still VERY laggy (pingwise) I have no idea why.

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