List of blocked players

Sometimes I wish to silence individuals temporarily, because I may be with other friends trying to voice chat and others are nearby talking too loud, or various other reasons. It would be nice if I could see who I have blocked in the Settings section when you hold tab, so that one could unblock players even if they’re not currently in the same Plaza or online at all

I’d like to add that it would be nice if when these blocked people inevitably end up in a room / server / lobby with you or before you, it would be nice if you could see their name(s) instead of “BLOCKED” so that you know who it is everyone is referring to. There are some people that you just don’t even want to have to deal with their BS but their ability to roam is not something you can control. What you can control is whether you stay, and it would be nice not to get invested into something so that you can wait for them to weeb on you or get the room worked up into a dramatic hellhole.


Actually, going to have this request closed! It’s already implemented but it wasn’t as obvious as I had thought it’d be.

In the Escape menu, it’s in Settings, Content, Blocked Players.

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