Linux Followup Question

Hello all. I am currently in the process of learning and looking into moving over from Windows 7 to Linux Mint. Windows has served me well over the years, but Microsoft’s new direction with Windows is not sitting well with me. From an application standpoint, everything I use has a Linux Version or Alternative, and every day it seems better for me to be moving over, except for one thing, Tower Unite.

I’ve been planning out my move for over a week now, and while quite a few of my games will not work on Linux (even WINE), the ones I can see myself playing in the not to distant future (Euro Truck Simulator 2 mostly) are Linux Compatible.

So my main question is, is there a date I can look forward to for Tower Unite to release a Linux version?

I have already seen the Frequently Asked Questions answer about System Requirements where Pixeltail states the Mac and Linux versions will come out after initial release. However this was written July 1st, before the Indiegogo even began.

So for us looking at moving over to, or even already on Mac OS X / Linux, are there ANY plans for creating an Alpha version for these platforms in the future? I’d love to be in the process of moving over to Linux, but I don’t want to miss out on Tower Unite Alpha, and I sure as hell don’t want to be dual booting. I’m sure us Unix Players will be valuable in Alpha testing bug department.

Thanks in advance!


I’m in the process of switching my laptop over to Linux.
I’ll try making Linux builds of TU on the weekends. :wink:


You have no idea how happy you made me!

+1! Linux Mint user here! Can’t wait to stop booting over to Windows!

If you need any help getting around, @Sabrina, give me a shout!