Linked Media Players In Condos

Not a thought for a fully new condo, BUT if we could link the media players together like the screens up at Project 12 that would be awesome… Stick a video on and watch it on what ever screen you like

Would be cool to have a few screens around the place with music videos playing (like in P12)


I like the idea. Would it make sense to have the choice to link players, and to have others independent? And you can link as many as you’d like.

I don’t know how hard that would be to actually accomplish, but I think it would be really nice.

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This would indeed be very cool to have. A friend and I discussed it just a few days ago. Seeing as it’s currently working up at Project 12 I’d like to think it’d be doable for condos as well. Really hope to see this make into the game!

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I think something like this could be added with Condo I/O. It would be great if you could hook up some sort of switches and stuff to turn on or off TVs that are set to the same channel. It’d also be cool if you could tweak the volume of each media player so you can get some sort of dynamic sound system.

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I feel an easy way to implement this would be to have media players in groups. Set a few screens to group 1 and they all play the same media, whereas screens in group 2 could play something else.


This need to be Re-Boosted, Really Neat idea, for Say a Karaoke rooms

I like this too. That’s exactly how the wifi home audio system SONOS operates.

yea that would be cool


That is amazing