[Limited] Free Game: Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Bored of PUBG?
Tired of spamming stairs in Fortnite?
H1Z1, who remembers that eh?

Try this on for size! Free for 100 hours after its initial release, EVERYTHING is physics based.
And if I didn’t sell it to you already, you can type messages and throw it at your enemies to kill them!
So grab it while it’s hot!


PUBG gonna totes sue

Here’s a link if the above breaks


Oh thanks, I just thought this was straight free to play. Probably not going to touch it but who knows, might be fun to goof around in one day. I was wandering how the hell they were going to make any money off of it.

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The Battle Royale to surpass Fortnite and PUBG

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Pixeltail, plz add Battle Royale Game World /s

Then the game will finally be e-sports ready