Lights/Projection on the Tower during nighttime

Looks a little too bare at the moment. There’s all sorts of ways to light it up, though. Lights inside windows can turn on, there can be searchlights on the roof or something, you could have those glowing rainbow strips the Casino and boardwalk have light up the edges, or maybe even some kind of projection on the front of the building.


Good idea! I’d be surprised if the tower window-lights weren’t implemented before final release.


A Fog effect would be really Fuckin’ Cool. maybe there can be a rare “Seizure Room” where the light is constantly changing color.


It would have it’s interest if the amount of Windows lightening is the amount of people using a condo in this lobby, and randomly, the windows draws a picture, or play Tetris, or something

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+1 for this idea

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The Bank of China tower in Hong Kong has lights across it’s frame that can glow different colors. Something similar might work for the tower


That, or simply lighting bars that are attached to the edges of the building? I personally do not like that much how these light strips in the picture look, but I personally do not like it. That doesn’t mean that such a design is bad entirely.

This is cool, but I don’t think it fits the spirit of Tower. I think something like this would be better, except with the lights starting at the bottom and shining up.

Yeah maybe just because of how boring the architecture of the tower is (not to be taken the wrong way!)

I think the light strips would look good with a different design.

Also I changed the picture to a better one. Will unsquish it when I get home.

I’d preffer just individual windows being lighten up

Some projections could be good. For example: Christmas - Christmas tree, Valentinees - hearts.

Random Polish video how it could look.

Classic MIT doing tetris

I remember the comments from that vid when it was uploaded all dogged the maker about being able to sync the lights in a whole building for a giant game of tetris but he couldn’t clear a line.

Still, anything huge like this I feel might be really distracting. If there were something more subtle, like something that is rumored and you have to look for, that would make the tower more interesting, and maybe even more mysterious.

I don’t know, I feel that having things like the tower suddenly start playing Tetris by itself as well as other things would fit with the goofy nature of tower


It would be awesome if the tower broadcasted someone’s Blockles session onto it, allowing players to play Tetris directly onto the tower… or perhaps let them control from outside, so they can see the tower itself.

Aside from Tetris, there could be a whole bunch of other pixelated games someone could play on the tower.

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Someone’s gonna figure out how to make dicks in Tetris.


People figure out how to make dicks with everything. Can’t be a reason not to have a feature.

I still prefer the light strip idea but that would require redesigning the tower to a more interesting look.

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Wow. That guy sucks at tetris.

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