Lieutenant TeaTM's Fantasy/Medieval Inspired Condo

Hey all, I’ve already posted some screenshots in the Discord, but I finished up most of the furnishings and a few final touches, so I thought I was post it here in depth.

This is approximately 300 items in total, over 200 canvases, several trees on top of the other trees, and a few workshop and furniture items. Actually did some math while building it, it’s roughly around exactly 222 canvases, coincidentally. The whole building is made from scratch, and despite it being a smooth autumn condo, I actually added a ton of trees around and in the background to give it a forest vibe.

Originally was supposed to be a fantasy town house, then turned into a luxury fantasy-medieval house, then became some kind of spooky vampire lair I guess. It’s quite a mess, but I hope you like it. Only about a weeks worth of work working a couple hours a day, despite it’s complexity.

Front Lawn & Porch:
This is actually my second least favorite part, and I’m typical very good at natural landscapes. I was going to add a wall or some kind of border, but I was getting sick of working on the exterior, and I already had an arch in place but kinda liked it sticking out so kept it.

Also well aware electricity wasn’t a thing in medieval times, but Tower Unite lacks good medieval themed lighting options for large spaces, also couldn’t really think of anything. So added some lamp posts, before it was really dark, especially with the sunset and fog/rain.

Lounge & Tower:
Despite the large exterior, weirdly enough the interior is quite claustrophobic. There are 3 rooms of the first floor, 1 room and 1 indoor balcony on the second floor, and one room on the third floor. Also a 2nd floor porch, also the tower obviously

The tower is not a canvas cylinder actually, it’s basically just a spaghetti of canvas cubes, and is fully enterable! It is accessible from the bottom in the lounge and leads to the top deck/porch.

(In order: lounge room in the front door, top of the tower at the top of the spiral staircase, then the 2nd floor deck, perspective is a bit weird without seeing gameplay)

Also this build has 2 fish tanks, directly before this build I went on a huge fishing grind, and I caught a ton of rare fish, and actually caught my first ultra rare fish, the cosmic fish. I have a lot of favoritism to it now, so it gets it’s entirely own tank.

Library (First and Second Floor):

This is the library, to be honest I had no idea what to do with these two rooms, so I made the first floor (directly from the lounge) a labyrinth of bookshelves, and the 2nd floor a second library and lounge. With of course my 1 cosmic catsack chilling there. I have a tendency to put my cosmic catsack in every one of my builds. It’s a huge trophy to me because I got insanely lucky getting it on my second ever gold catsack (haven’t gotten another one since). Anyways, the second floor library is directly on top of a staircase. The house is L shaped, so upon going to the right on the first floor, leads to the dining room (we’ll get to that) and the second floor has two doors, one to the same 2nd floor deck, the other to a balcony/aquarium overlooking the dining room (again we’ll get to that). Not a whole lot here though, kind of just filler.

Dining Room/2nd Floor Balcony:

Pretty straight forward room, has a dining room, lantern, and chandelier. (Again well aware of the electricity thing but this is for aesthetic reasons). It also has an indoor fountain for whatever reason and few jack o’ lanterns to add to the spooky vibe. Overall alright room. However it has a really tall ceiling leading all the way to the top of the second floor, and if you enter via the second floor you go to the balcony overlooking the dining room, as well as a second aquarium. Contains a bunch of rare fish.

“Bedroom”/Interactive Item Room:
Unfortunately saving the worst for last, this is my least favorite room. May get a rework at some point. Decided to own the vampire vibe and add a coffin which I somehow got from some Halloween event, and some cat statues for some reason. Was hoping to find some knight statue or something but I made it all in a rush. Also has pool table and a piano, me and people in my condo love those two items, so I always have them. Gives me something to do.

This is directly on top of the 2nd floor library by the way. No outside doors or anything, kind of just a relax with friends or whatever room.

Also I finished this literal hours before the last update, so I have this total messy setup to test Libretro at the top of the stairs in this room. Will probably get a rework sometime. This room is really thematically messy to please ignore that.

Overall probably my personal favorite condo I made. Could easily expand it with fixing some rooms or even making an entirely new building.

All photos are unedited, just taken with steam. I originally tried a foggy daytime scene, but it looked really sterile, so I made it a sunset with slightly different fog/rain values, and it created absolutely gorgeous lighting.

If you read all this, thanks!


Update: Went ahead and more or less fixed the bedroom. Still kind of a mess, but more of an organized mess. Still kept the TV/Libretro setup. I know it’s thematically inconsistent still, but added it anyways. Basically still the same things, just a bit nicer, added a rug and replaced the previous statues with these. Also put the coffin on the wall. And the piano is red now. Also added some decoration like potions and a pumpkin. Now it feels a bit more like a vampire lair. Still needs some work though! If I feel like it I may start a second building sometime, or maybe I’ll add some secrets/easter eggs. I enjoy adding those to my condos.

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