Liars Dice

Now I love gambling. I pride myself on my amazing diamond casino trophy but instead of hitting a slot machine all day or playing poker I think you guys should implement another gambling game you wouldn’t usually see in a normal casino.

If you want to skip my explanation and not read how to play and you’re more of a visual learner. Here’s some game play of Red Dead with liars dice:

Liars dice is a fantastic gambling game that lasts a while and can have you playing mind games with other players. Everybody starts by betting in a sum of money and the game begins. Everybody has a cup and 5 die. You may start by saying i have one 5. Which means that he is saying that their is at least 1 die on the table with 5 face up on a dice. The next person would then have to say one 6 or go into saying 2 of something or 3 of something. You can go as high as you want. (Just don’t get caught lying!)

Now, if you call something and the person calls bluff. Everybody lifts the cups and see’s everybody’s die. If there isn’t lets say three 5s on the table then the person who called saying there was must throw a die in the middle and they start the next round.

Another thing you may do is call “Spot-on” which means you believe there is exactly that number of die face up with the corresponding number. If you get this correct everybody at the table must throw a dice in the middle. Obviously if you’re wrong, you throw a dice in the middle. Once one person is left at the table the person gets to take the all the money everybody bet in!

I feel like this would be a great addition to the casino and would be a lot of fun to play with friends. I’ve always loved liars dice but no other game has ever implemented it.

I would really like this. I love liar’s dice, but I don’t really have any good ways of playing it online where strangers would reliably join me. Back in the day, people used to play it all the time in Red Dead Redemption, but they’ve all moved on. If it was in Tower Unite, I’m certain people would play it and it would be way more fun to gamble with TU cash.

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